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Cadance McCallen

Estate Manager 

mission statement


Lindbay's founders live to build and are always adding new structures, custom mesh details, and unique attractions to Lindbay.  The Village of Lindbay offers visitors and residents an ever-changing environment to enjoy and use, and hopefully provide a spark of inspiration about the possibilities available on the all-too-often overlooked Second Life mainland.

village of lindbay

The  best privately owned town on the mainland

We believe Second Life's Mainland has great potential for rejuvenation. The endless travel options by air, land, and sea across the many continents of the mainland are not found anywhere else.  We founded Lindbay to harness those possibilities in a new and exciting way.

We believe in open rez rights!  It is impossible to fully enjoy a virtual space when you can't actually use it!  This is why all land in Lindbay has open rez:  to encourage public use and enjoyment of the town.

meet our team

Faye Blackheart

Estate Manager

Pat Alderson

Estate Manager

Ozark Mayo

Estate Manager